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We are more than just a design studio; we're creators at the crossroads of style and flow, where form seamlessly merges with function. 

At our core, we craft spaces that embody your essence, whether it's for personal sanctuary or brand expression, all while ensuring your daily rhythm and aspirations are prioritized and supported.

We firmly believe that exceptional design emerges from a blend of adept problem-solving and deliberate decision-making.

Your environment isn't just a backdrop - it's a

catalyst for inspiration, growth, and above all, a source of profound well-being.

With over ten years experience in the design industry ranging from 2,000 square foot private residences to 2M square foot shopping malls, lead designer and creative director, Dana Esser founded Dana Michele Design in 2020.

Working with a boutique design firm equates

to no surprises; You and your team will be

working directly with Dana from start-to-finish.

Our team comprises individuals meticulously trained across various disciplines within architecture and design. With Dana at the helm, our experts will help guide you through every detail from conceptualization to execution and installation.

Dana Working Reduced.png

Santa Monica Proper Hotel by Kelly Wearstler

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